Holiday Curaçao 2007
Kura Hollanda Lodge - View to the East - This time we visited Curacao in November. And during the rainseason you may expect some rain.
Holiday Curaçao 2000 (small impression)
In february and March 2000 we spent our holidays at Curaçao and Bonaire. I am proud of my island and want to share my pictures with you. Visiting Curaçao is more than visiting the capital alone. Take your time and discover the island. My roots lay at Curaçao where I was born in 1962. I lived there until 1969. After 30 years I came back to spend a two weeks holidays at Curaçao.

Mind it. Some pictures are still very large < 1 Mb. I will correct this soon.

Water - Surprisingly the island was green. It had rained for four months, starting November 1999. Normally it would last for two months, but now La Niña messed up the weather. The result is fabulous. Everywhere you look it is green. Despite a few rainy days in the beginning of our holidays the weather improved. It was a good start for sun bathing.
Unexpected Curaçao: The Hato Caves


We arrived at the end of the raining period, which lasted longer than usual. It began in November 1999 and lasted until the beginning of March 2000, due to La Niña. The island was green.
During our visit you could find water everywhere where it was indicated on the Curaçao map.

East of the Ringroad - Our first day we collected our rental car and drove from Willemstad eastwards to Julianadorp. Driving along the ringroad we saw this stream floating over the road. It was already running for months not long after the rain started.
South of Julianadorp - South of Julianadorp near the new (and expensive) supermarket. Normally there is no water here.
Waterbasin near Groot St. Joris - Near Plantage Groot St.Joris we saw this water basin. For one month ago it was impossible to pass this road. It was very muddy and water came over the wall.
A lake behind Daaiboooi beach -
Water makes everything green -

Unexpected Curaçao: The Hato Caves

Caves of HATO -
We spend one morning visiting the caves of HATO. The caves are situated near the Hato airport. Before entering the cave and after climbing the stairs towards it, our guide showed us the three terasses of coral which are clearly visible from here.

  At the ceiling near the entrance you see the black stains of torches that were lit when native people gathered to keep their spiritual gatherings.


Private beach: Avila Beach - We were lucky to stay at the Avila Beach hotel with its own beach. Only during weekends the beach is exclusively for guests.
Boca Largu (1)- From the restaurant nearby you have a splendid view over Boca Largu.
Boca Largu (2)- On the right hand side is Boca Largu. Left of the big rock is a fishermen's beach. (See next photograph).
Boca Largu (3) - Fish being cut to pieces. Ready for the barbeque!
Grote Knip / Kenepa Beach- Grote knip, one of the favourite beaches of the Curaçao people. The water is cristal blue. Don't forget to bring your snorkel and mask!
Kleine knip - Cosy little beach not far from Grote knip.


My grandfathers house in Pietermaai, Punda. If any one has an old picture of this house, please get in contact with me. It is said that the house once had a wooden fence. I would be very pleased if someone could show me a picture of it.

The house next to it, is called Casa Rosa. The triangle in the facade is the only one with a round window at Willemstad. The house will be restorated.